May 28, 2009

Moza's obsession:OW GALLIANO! MAKE ME A BRIDE !!

lately I’ve been so into wedding dresses, and i was thinking if there is one designer that i would wear for my wedding(I’m not getting married soon btw) it would defiantly be CHRISTIAN DIOR.

Since ages Dior dresses have been desirable to all women SPECIALLY me! I adore their dresses their very feminine, elegant, sophisticated, daring and ALWAYS in style*.

Wedding dresses shouldn’t always be white, designers have added some colors to them as well,

These are my dream gowns,

*all I like about Dior is their timeless dresses not anything else.

May 23, 2009

Moza Must Have:Basso & Brooke Dress

Its a wonderfully structured dress with an amazing twist ! . . this dress suites almost all body shapes because in this case the dress is shaping the has this edginess yet feminine style to it, so far i madly in love with it ..

May 21, 2009

Trend: Trashy Denim

If there is one jeans you have to pick of all this summer,it should be distressed denim+ acid washed (or why not a mixture of both ?) = TRASHY DENIM

Trashy jeans are EVERYWHERE this summer, we first saw it in BALMAIN runway.
It might not fit all body types,but certain types of bodies can surely pull this look off !

TIP: try to contrast this look with a romantic top, or toughen it up with an 80's blazers.

Here are some pics,

May 19, 2009

Fabolous Find: Seat belt Bags

While surfing the net i found this amazing brand called HARVEYS, it is a brand that started at 1997 by a husband and wife here is the rest of the story: "while installing seat belts into our 1950 Buick, we had the idea of making Melanie a matching handbag. Everyone loved hers so much that we decided to make more..."

These handbags are basically made out of seat belts, this company corporated their new idea with style, they come in different colors,shapes, and styles.It might be a bit over-priced but its worth it.I would probably wear them while traveling.

Here is their website:

May 18, 2009

Trend: Exposed Zip

There is a trend or a detail that lately caught my attention, which is the exposed zip trend.
it has this ultra modern look on clothing ,accessories, and even on swimsuits.

check it out,

May 13, 2009

Beauty: Foundation Revoloution

Ever had problem finding the right color foundation?.. does it look fake and unnatural? ..
well, Revlon (a make-up brand) has just launched a new product called BEYOND NATURAL SKIN MATCHING MAKEUP, which is basically a liquid foundation that is transparent but once you put on your skin and BOOM !! it turns to your exact skin tone color.

To be honest,i didn't try it yet, but I'm definitely going to, coz I'm so against heavy makeup that makes most girls look like clowns =p even worse !!..

May 5, 2009

Fabolous Find: Luisa Beccaria

I was flipping through a magazine, suddenly a great designer caught my eyes that i wasn't aware of earlier. her name is Luisa Beccaria, her designs are mostly romantic and flirty with a touch of a dreamy style. i fell in love with her choice of colors, Unfortunately she doesn't have any retailers here in UAE but there is in Bahrain and KSA.

gotta have a piece of her designs

May 2, 2009

Trend: Structured dresses

My new obsession would be structured dresses, they make everyone look powerful and daring =p .. the only problem is that i cant wear them, don't ask why,

check'em out,

This dress is HEAVEN it really sculpts your body and makes you look slimmer !

Moza Must Have:Fresh start, Louboutin start

perfection itself, i found these Louboutin's adorable for all year long, i have to get them they absolutely match everything!

so, what do you think ?