May 28, 2009

Moza's obsession:OW GALLIANO! MAKE ME A BRIDE !!

lately I’ve been so into wedding dresses, and i was thinking if there is one designer that i would wear for my wedding(I’m not getting married soon btw) it would defiantly be CHRISTIAN DIOR.

Since ages Dior dresses have been desirable to all women SPECIALLY me! I adore their dresses their very feminine, elegant, sophisticated, daring and ALWAYS in style*.

Wedding dresses shouldn’t always be white, designers have added some colors to them as well,

These are my dream gowns,

*all I like about Dior is their timeless dresses not anything else.


- F said...

OH very dramatic but love them to bits. A bride should totally be dressed in white with a dramatic dress so all eyes are on here ;) Don't you agree? hehe

MOZA said...

why not add a dash of color, to me its all about being classic yet different at the same time =) ..

Butter said...

I love the Dior dresses <3