Mar 31, 2010

The Little Guy In Me

Range Rovers are EVERYWHERE, you would probably see more range rovers in your way to anywhere more than taxi cabs. But not all ranges are the same after all, the Arden Body Kit AR6 is what I'm drooling over, tastier than macaroons, and the proportions are way better than any other modifier had done before,plus the spoilers are perfect in size,

check it out,

Side Bar and Rims <3>
is that hot or hot? ..

Mar 28, 2010

The Vic Dress

Victoria is actually doing great in fashion design, and what i really like is when she wears her designs, well, why not?..

I'm so loving this dress, the color, fabric, and the shoulder FANTASTIC, she was seen wearing it in the Vanity Fair Oscar after-party. Although most of her designs suit mostly her shape, this is the total opposite, i can see many people wearing and still look great. .

Taupe Nail Polish <3 ..

Mar 24, 2010

A Summer Must Have

The moment i saw it i fell for it, the Nanette Lepore shirt dress, white romantic,oversized and summery. I guess ill live in it this summer, since i wear a head scarf, its a perfect fit, it can be dressed down or up,,, its so PLAYFUL
The Bubble Sleeve <3>

Talking about summer, it seems that every summer Givenchy comes up with a new fab jelly sandal, so comfortable, and in-edible =p ,,
Black,Beige,or Blue?

Mar 20, 2010

Bonjour Paris

The L'ARC restaurant has to be in your next Paris itinerary, never been there, but the Decor says it all, hand painted classic high ceiling with pretty round lights and a modern clash furniture ..
The menu ranges from salads, pastas,to yummy desserts ..

Have a look :-

The Coffee tables at L'ARC PARIS view is facing the Arc de Triomphe, *love..

"impressive and unexpected"..

Mar 15, 2010

Trend:Time to Relax

Harem or oversized trousers have been there for a while, and when spring is coming and so does summer will follow it, some oversized clothing is needed to cool us off don't we need that?=p

anyway, ive seen so many people wearing them wrong, they literally look like Sindbad or there gonna fly soon on a cashmere rug!!

By Vionnte, This my ultimate favorite , its not to oversized yet not totally skinny.

By Proenza Schouler,

By DVF, Croped and basic
mentioning Sindbad, here is my favorite song of all, Ive listened to it about a thousand times, but still every time i do it feels just like the first,

-Never wear harem pants with flats unless u have long lean legs, if you don't, wear them with high heels, but never with beach slippers.
-Try not to overdress these pants, there are an attention grabbers alone,
- To make you legs look longer wear matching shoes with the color of the pants

Mar 10, 2010

Currently reading: Love letters of great men

I'm really enjoying reading this book, it has a bunch of letters written by famous men from the past. some letters i read over and over again and others bring me to tears dunno why, but maybe because the passion behind these love letters doesn't exist anymore,

" its eagerness, its fierceness,its warmth"
" Ever thine, Ever mine,Ever ours"
"For those dear lips shot through my heart, and through my bleeding vitals, delicious poison,and an avoid less but yet charming ruin"

Mar 7, 2010


Why are people so obsessed with these 3.1Philip Lim shorts?
He is a great designer but he didn't seem to get these shorts right, Ive been seeing them everywhere, magazines, couple of websites emails and it seems to be ongoing ! harem in an unfaltering way,and the shiny fabric wasn't the best choice, he used sequin in jackets and dresses that turned out to be amazing .

I mean where is the beauty in these shorts?