Mar 15, 2010

Trend:Time to Relax

Harem or oversized trousers have been there for a while, and when spring is coming and so does summer will follow it, some oversized clothing is needed to cool us off don't we need that?=p

anyway, ive seen so many people wearing them wrong, they literally look like Sindbad or there gonna fly soon on a cashmere rug!!

By Vionnte, This my ultimate favorite , its not to oversized yet not totally skinny.

By Proenza Schouler,

By DVF, Croped and basic
mentioning Sindbad, here is my favorite song of all, Ive listened to it about a thousand times, but still every time i do it feels just like the first,

-Never wear harem pants with flats unless u have long lean legs, if you don't, wear them with high heels, but never with beach slippers.
-Try not to overdress these pants, there are an attention grabbers alone,
- To make you legs look longer wear matching shoes with the color of the pants

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