Oct 30, 2009


Here is a new hot must have accessory of mine, its Silvano aviators by, a favorite, Tom Ford. it comes in three different shades, the black and brown come with a wooden print detail. yes the wooden detail is so grandpa style but its makin a comeback and an extremely amazing one.

check em out,

Oct 19, 2009

The Handbag Craze

this seasons handbags are grabbing me to buy them, seriously every bag is better than the one before. in fact i NEED them all, we all know that we should stay away from croc skins and pythons, but what can we do if crocs and pythons are dragging us towards the cashier ?

here are some of my favorite handbags of this season

By YSL- this is the everyday tote, its chic and looks good on different looks. YLS knows great handbags !! don't they ?

By Selvatore Ferragamo- this handbag that doesn't know age, love the nude color !

By Nancy Gonzalez- the croc clutch, this is was i was talking about how can u resist such color?

By Alexander McQueen- the knuckle clutch, it so fits the digging in his toolbox look, love the greasy like finish

By Loewe- "the classically contemporary bag"i don't know how i came up with this but the bag would've screamed those words.

again By Loewe- its the must have Loewe handbag, it even comes in hot pink! so,ditch your hot pink LV's =p

By Fendi- there is something about this tote that makes it fabulous ! it comes in almost every color,surely it will satisfy many tastes ! especially mine

and here is another example,

By Fendi- if there is one bag that will carry me through seasons it would be the peekaboo handbag, no one can disagree that this is not the hottest bag of all seasons

another color of the peekaboo,

the boxed clutches:
By Emilio Pucci-

By Bottega veneta- the croc knot clutch

By Alexander McQueen- the most fashionable flag

and the ultimate favorite of mine is sill the Fendi peekaboo

what about you?

Oct 17, 2009

12 things many dont know about me

1- i listen to jazz music when im studying, or surfing the net. there is something about jazz that just makes me relaxed

2- im OBSESSED with fashion magazines! and one day I AM GOING TO MAKE MY OWN , everyone knows that i have a magazine hidden somewhere, either in the car or in my handbag, my room is bloated with them.

3- i lost my dad 8 years ago, he was my superman, i miss him a lot, but i never share my feelings with anyone. i just don't want to bother my friends or even my family with it. but the weird thing is that i always feel that hes gonna come this afternoon with his newspapers clutched in his hands, except he doesn't.

4- im writing a story about my self, my life and so on, i know it might sound lame but its fun! i have a very bad memory i forget A LOT so reading my own story makes me remember fun stuff and bad stuff too =p.

5- my best meal at the moment is rocket salad with bresaola (at biella).

6- im seeking Independence in every part of my life, 10 years form now (or less)im not gonna depend on no one but myself.

7- i am ambitious and once i want something no one can stop me no matter what way i take the most important thing is that i reach my goal. i know it sounds frightening =p

8-i don't have sisters, im the only girl in the family. it never bothered me but some times it starts hitting on me but i get over that fact that i don't have a sister, i don't need one anyway.

9-i don't do best friends, it just because i don't like someone to know about me everything.or maybe i like to remain mysterious.

10-every year me and my family go to a random place in UAE and we stay for 3 days in tents, don't freak out!! we have modern toilets and electricity =p.believe it or not its the most exciting trip of all !! almost 20 people from the family join this trip.

11-i don't like to upset people, it makes me feel so bad. i DO apologize if i did something wrong, i don't want to die and there is still someone disappointed. there is someone at the moment who did hurt me a lot but never apologized, i hope that person doesn't die soon,

12- a buy my self a gift on every birthday, its just one way of many things i do to pamper myself.

Oct 10, 2009

Beauty report: Nivea Haus

My friend discovered this new hot place, it by NIVEA brand*. its actually a NIVEA spa,they offer all kinds of services from pedicures to massages and hairstyling. we did our nails there, the place was clam and cozy and their service was great. Nivea Hause also has a men section called "mens world" they offer them facials and waxing plus much more.its located in the humongous Dubai mall.

i liked the place and the service and im looking forward for my next visit.
*they use only Nivea products

has anyone heard of it before?

Oct 3, 2009

M O Z A's Ride

..i believe that every girl has a little guy inside her- my friend once said, and since then Ive been noticing that yah i have this little guy in me too in fact there is one in all my girlfriends. that little guy in me LOVES SPEED !! and, obsessed with porches ! i never figured out the exact reason but maybe because its hip,young,fun, and sporty-all i need !

hopefully one day it will be my own toy =p

whats your dream ride?