Oct 17, 2009

12 things many dont know about me

1- i listen to jazz music when im studying, or surfing the net. there is something about jazz that just makes me relaxed

2- im OBSESSED with fashion magazines! and one day I AM GOING TO MAKE MY OWN , everyone knows that i have a magazine hidden somewhere, either in the car or in my handbag, my room is bloated with them.

3- i lost my dad 8 years ago, he was my superman, i miss him a lot, but i never share my feelings with anyone. i just don't want to bother my friends or even my family with it. but the weird thing is that i always feel that hes gonna come this afternoon with his newspapers clutched in his hands, except he doesn't.

4- im writing a story about my self, my life and so on, i know it might sound lame but its fun! i have a very bad memory i forget A LOT so reading my own story makes me remember fun stuff and bad stuff too =p.

5- my best meal at the moment is rocket salad with bresaola (at biella).

6- im seeking Independence in every part of my life, 10 years form now (or less)im not gonna depend on no one but myself.

7- i am ambitious and once i want something no one can stop me no matter what way i take the most important thing is that i reach my goal. i know it sounds frightening =p

8-i don't have sisters, im the only girl in the family. it never bothered me but some times it starts hitting on me but i get over that fact that i don't have a sister, i don't need one anyway.

9-i don't do best friends, it just because i don't like someone to know about me everything.or maybe i like to remain mysterious.

10-every year me and my family go to a random place in UAE and we stay for 3 days in tents, don't freak out!! we have modern toilets and electricity =p.believe it or not its the most exciting trip of all !! almost 20 people from the family join this trip.

11-i don't like to upset people, it makes me feel so bad. i DO apologize if i did something wrong, i don't want to die and there is still someone disappointed. there is someone at the moment who did hurt me a lot but never apologized, i hope that person doesn't die soon,

12- a buy my self a gift on every birthday, its just one way of many things i do to pamper myself.


Hellwafashion said...

Love the post!, it's cool - also like the shoes - didn't know Thakoon did shoes, but there ya go! now I want them!

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.