Oct 10, 2009

Beauty report: Nivea Haus

My friend discovered this new hot place, it by NIVEA brand*. its actually a NIVEA spa,they offer all kinds of services from pedicures to massages and hairstyling. we did our nails there, the place was clam and cozy and their service was great. Nivea Hause also has a men section called "mens world" they offer them facials and waxing plus much more.its located in the humongous Dubai mall.

i liked the place and the service and im looking forward for my next visit.
*they use only Nivea products

has anyone heard of it before?


A said...

I passed byy itttt, butt didn't know what it was, except a huge nivea shop, I'll visit!! Thanks for sharing x

Alya said...

I saw it in Dubai Mall when I was in Dubai 2 weeks ago. I thought it was pretty cool that Nivea had their own spa..

Anonymous said...

thats great i would love to visit but is the place clean and hygiene and what about thier staff

M O Z A said...

A: check it out next time ;)
Alya: exactly ..
the place is clean and hygiene yes, and the staff is pretty friendly.

Maitha* said...

My friend went there for a massage, she said it was okay :)