Oct 3, 2009

M O Z A's Ride

..i believe that every girl has a little guy inside her- my friend once said, and since then Ive been noticing that yah i have this little guy in me too in fact there is one in all my girlfriends. that little guy in me LOVES SPEED !! and, obsessed with porches ! i never figured out the exact reason but maybe because its hip,young,fun, and sporty-all i need !

hopefully one day it will be my own toy =p

whats your dream ride?


A said...

R8 <3

mosha said...

porsche 911 is bro's car, it's so sexy! I told him to keep it until I get my license, I want it to be my first car. like you know when they just give you old cars to use until you get used to driving and all? until I start driving this will be old and I'm sure he'll get bored of it {not allowed to drive until i'm 21} ..

my dream car is a black maserati granturismo S with red interior ..

M O Z A said...

A: the audi R8 is a hot one too,

mosha: no matter how old Porsche is, it doesn't lose it sexiness ;), enshalah you'll have it soon, and the granturismo too =p ..

Fabulous A said...

oh my poooooor heart! CARS r my weakness point! literally my heart skipt a beat when i saw the ...... tittle of this entryyyy ;P
cuz gaaal i dif. have that lil guy deep inside me, for that i luv cars ALOOOOOOT!!!!!
btw, i havent read ur post yet =P soooo busy right now ... bs for sure im gonna come back and read it in FULL lol and will post even a longer post looool!
^sorry 6awalt wayed .. bs sho asawi .. 3n jad et7amast .. cuz carsss .. uhhh dif. MY THING!!!

*and dif. gonna follow ur blog ;D*

Maitha* said...

I already have my dream car <3 my maserati <3 BUT in five years time I would like an Austin Martin DB9 or the Rapide 4 door.. so there on my list ;p also the Porsche Panamera is nice!