Jan 26, 2010

The Nail Polish Experience

Its everywhere, the Taupe nail polish.I wasn't sure if I liked the color or not, its far away of my comfort zone and different than what I'm used to red,pink, or flashy orange.(it all started at the Chanel spring 2010 rtw.) Applying it was on of those awkward moments where you ask the lady to apply it only on one finger to make up your mind ,but still I wasn't fully sure about it yet she continued applying. surprisingly, it turned out to be gorgeous, plus, i find it better while wearing a sparkly ring.

it doesn't matter what skin tone you are, it just kinda blend to perfection on any skin.

As seen on:-
Lily Allen

Gweneth Paltrow, the polish with the blue dress *magic

to new addictions..

Jan 23, 2010

Finally,Stepping on The Ground

Not wearing heals didn't come by choice it rather came by losing control and injuring my knees in my last ski trip, and just in time where flats are back and extremely high heels are set aside *phew

By Tory Burch- its a little bit diffrent from the Riva balareina By YSL- Light sandal with a twisted knot,
By Tods- comfortable elegance
By McQueen-so McQueen and the skull gives an edge

By Ferragamo- they kinda hurt but its worth the pain =p
By DVF- simple logo sandal, can be worn with almost anything

both By Aperlaï- makes a perfect balance with shorts,

Jan 15, 2010

Its Barley Even There

we all try to win the battle of actually getting the perfect bra that hold, keep up, and keeps down its marks after its gone(that we often lose).

Spanx(shape wear company) had made these ultra comfy bras called
Bra-llelujah (haha) that are extremely light and gentle on your skin. Its interesting how the straps are, they are unadjustable yet they hold them really firm, and the best of all they have a front-closure(yes you can close it from the front!) . they might not come in every color you can imagine but you'll never have the VBL (visible bra line) and its redness again

you'll forget you have it on

Jan 6, 2010

Rihanna's London Concert

Few days back Rihanna was was wearing a quite interesting dress by Alexandre Vauthier. though her stylist didn't do much of styling and since it was the exact same look as the runway i really liked the design with the wide V-neck and the thigh high split, it was a concert fit dress,but the shoes were quiet uninteresting and white eek*

What do you think? like it or not ?..

Jan 5, 2010

Saffiano Lux Tote

Prada has been doing so well in these past seasons with its handbags, especially with the saffiano tote. The design is simple, classic, and versatile. The navy blue is the 'it' color of the season, but is comes in other colors too.

obsessed ..