Jan 26, 2010

The Nail Polish Experience

Its everywhere, the Taupe nail polish.I wasn't sure if I liked the color or not, its far away of my comfort zone and different than what I'm used to red,pink, or flashy orange.(it all started at the Chanel spring 2010 rtw.) Applying it was on of those awkward moments where you ask the lady to apply it only on one finger to make up your mind ,but still I wasn't fully sure about it yet she continued applying. surprisingly, it turned out to be gorgeous, plus, i find it better while wearing a sparkly ring.

it doesn't matter what skin tone you are, it just kinda blend to perfection on any skin.

As seen on:-
Lily Allen

Gweneth Paltrow, the polish with the blue dress *magic

to new addictions..


Dee said...

Im loving the Chanel Trapeze, lets hope the "jade" out of stock/limited edition/only 20 pieces in Dubai takeover not happen again -_-

Anonymous said...

i have it on right now :D