Dec 26, 2009

Ombré Hair

Recently i read an article all about Ombre, and what i liked the most was the Ombre hair. it kind of feel more natural and easy, and it just needs some natural like curls to make the hair color stand out more,

Would you consider having and Ombre hair ?..

Dec 22, 2009

Sharing The Home of My Dreams

Its all about high ceilings full length window glass, not much furniture yet a lot of sunlight in. the style is more minimal and very modern. this is the closest i can find, its located on a high hill in LA.

the stone fire place just add the homeyness warm feeling to the house,

Dec 20, 2009

Rainy Days, Fancy Umbrellas

with these wonderful rainy wet days, we surely need a fancy umbrella to keep up ( not that i like carrying one) Fornasetti has utterly fancy ones, with different sculpture like faces. Adorable*

too fancy? or just prefect?

click here for more info

Dec 19, 2009

Leather Shorts

Leather shorts have really twisted the way we used to see shorts, either in denim or in safari style.
They just need an easy top, with soft fabrics and prints.

By Fendi- id love to see these short with a soft fabric top,By Hermes- Wonderful color, yet im not sure about styling it with a matching blazer
OR if leather shorts where too daring, why not try out this amazing Celine leather T-shirt. Very different and amaziiing !

Dec 18, 2009

Fabulous Find: The Three Graces

"Experience a world of rare and exceptional fine antique jewelry where every jewel tells a story. Glimpse history in our Victorian jewelry, antique engagement rings, antique rings and in all our fine estate jewelry and diamond jewelry".

The Three Graces is all about fine antique jewelery, and Ive never seen better. every piece of jewelery is extremely artistic, the art deco pieces have magnificent details.

here are some of many irresistible jewels,
Pendant since 1860
Tiffany & Co. Emerald and Diamond ring 1965

Day to Night earrings, the lower part can be detached leaving the top part only for the day, 1830-1840
Diamond bracelet, 1895

Diamond and emerald ring with leaf detail, 19th century

Georgian bracelets 1810-1820
Silver Victorian collar necklace 1880
Georgian Gold Bracelet 1820

detachable gold earrings with floral details,
Diamond & Sapphire Edwardian Diamond Ring 1915
Art Deco Lapis Diamond Dinner Ring 1920
Antique French Day Night Gold Repoussé Earrings 1840

would you rather buy new jewels? or antique?

Dec 6, 2009

For Him

It seems that everyone's birthday is on these 2 months, or maybe only people i know

it is so difficult to find a perfect gift for guyz, since whats available for them is extremely limited, or so what many believe,

so why not share some ideas,

By Valextra- you can never go wrong with gifts from Valextra, their incredibly simple and luxurious, not to mention that their leather is wonderful

By Mont Blanc- every man needs a fancy pen, and who knows great pens but Mont Blanc? pens are great gift for Fathers too.
By Loro Piana- cashmere sweaters make a lovely gift, their warm, wearable, and can stay forever,
BY John Hardy- leather bracletes are so popular right now, everyone is going for Bottega Veneta ones, but i find these better since they have little bit of a detail in its ends+ the box is really fancy
By Apple- IPod touch makes an amazing gift, especially if it was engraved with some words on its back,
By Ferragamo- wonderful sneakers for Ferragamo, simple and wearable
By Bvlgari- cuff links come in so many different shapes and styles, they really make a nice gift for any man from a friend to a husband.

By Bang&Olufsen- if he already has an Ipod, Bang&Olufsen has a wonderful collection of headphones, they come in many colors too.

there are two gifts that i strongly recommend not to give them to men, one is perfume second is a watch, i believe that these two things need an extremely personal taste,

Nov 26, 2009

Total ugliness vs. Total classiness

Leighton Meester what were you thinking, smudged vampire makeup seriously? maybe she wanted us to see the other side of her than what we usualy see at gossip girl, but she got it all wrong. Oops..

Blake Lively, her outfit is gorgeous who knew such jacket will perfectly go along with these shorts? congrats, the jacket is kind of a flashback to Russian old royal fashion, yet the shorts just breaks the classic-ness, Love Love ..

3eedKom Mbarak,

Nov 21, 2009

One more thing to worry about

I was stumbling around the web today, and this picture really made me stop for a while and think about what we do on daily basis and never realize its consequences. the title itself was horrifying '515 chemicals women put on their bodies everyday'

click on the picture to view the full size

I mean whats left out there that doesn't cause cancer? even getting pretty causes it !

Nov 19, 2009

Diamond in the Rough

Diamond in the rough has a really fantastic, new, and unusual concept for their brand. they combine natural,uncut, and unpolished diamonds together with the polished and cut diamonds.
this weird combination is what makes these diamonds really unique,

masterpieces ..

Nov 18, 2009

Dressed in Jewels

Never knew why they look so adorable, but i think these coats are a warm reminder of Paris <3

true obsession,By Giambattista Valli- beautiful emerald jeweled print ,

here it is from the back,

By lela Rose- not too jeweled but has the little shiny effect that can be worn during the day
By Erdem- such a colorful coat doesn't need much color added, all black will do.

By David Koma- sooo loving the shoulder detail, has the jeweled effect yet far away from being too feminine,

would you wear jeweled coats??

Nov 13, 2009

Dubai Reminder

Hey all,

19.November.09 is the launch of Jimmy Choo for H&M, in all H&M stores in Dubai mall and Mall of the Emirates.

just go grab a piece to keep,


Nov 7, 2009

When it comes to dresses

i don't think that someone disagree with the fact that ASOS has the best high street dresses.

here are some of my favorite picks,

blue sequins
this is my ulimate favorite, creamy with a little sleeve FABOLOUS

two trends in one dress

how great is this shade of blue, it just needs a perfect tan !

Dont you think that white dresses look gorgeous ?