Nov 26, 2009

Total ugliness vs. Total classiness

Leighton Meester what were you thinking, smudged vampire makeup seriously? maybe she wanted us to see the other side of her than what we usualy see at gossip girl, but she got it all wrong. Oops..

Blake Lively, her outfit is gorgeous who knew such jacket will perfectly go along with these shorts? congrats, the jacket is kind of a flashback to Russian old royal fashion, yet the shorts just breaks the classic-ness, Love Love ..

3eedKom Mbarak,


A said...

3sach mn el 3aydeen wsalmeen ;* & Leighton Meester madre shu tit7sab 3mrha, wayed ugly in events. She can do so much better, Lively is so hotttt, love love!

Nino said...

I find Leighton very pretty but here she really does look horible with bad makeup and not flattering outfit. And yes Blake looks great in Marchesa jacket, i think she is quite a fan of this brand!

ohDear!! said...

Love the jacket! Awsome!