Jun 22, 2009

Shopping report: HUGE disappointment

F and I were invited to the opening of Galleries Lafayette Dubai, we were so excited to go, and thought that it might be better than the one in Pairs or the same, FORTUNATELY, we didn't go.

Yesterday I went shopping to Dubai mall, and I thought I should pass by Galleries Lafayette since I was dying to shop in it. It wasn't as expected! The brands were not arranged accordingly, ex. Balmain was next to Karen Mellin !!!! !! !! What a shock!! !! I couldn't believe my eyes. in Paris all the high end brands were in a floor, and other brands were in another floor or at least at another section of the floor !! and besides, why can’t people make their own department stores rather than getting every other department store here! There was a Givenchy section and a Givenchy boutique at the same mall! Why do we need two? Or are they so desperate to sell something? It was a pathetic experience.

personally, i wouldn't recommend it unless it has a brand that you cant find anywhere else in the country.

Jun 17, 2009

Fabulous Find: The BEST five you'll ever spend

well, although we adore heels, and the higher the better, they get painful and the pain comes with a package too blisters,dry feet and so and so, the bottom line is WE ALL SUFFER TO LOOK GOOD(its worth it thought).

there are new vending machines in the clubs of UK, called AFTER PARTY VENDING MACHINES, the idea is that instead of walking back home barefoot you buy flats from these vending machines (5 pounds each), PLUS they come with a little bag too so you can carry you're heels in them(how thoughtful!!). the ballet flats look good too, they come in black , silver and gold.


so what do you think? smart or not ?

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Jun 15, 2009

Moza Must Have: HERVE LEGER Summer Candy

Structured, colorful, edgy, and DIFFERENT. I fell in Love with these clutches, and just in time for SUMMER PARTIES !!

Many people whine about clutches that they are too small to fit anything, but come on all you need for a party is 3 things LIPSTICK, CREDIT CARD(for emergency), and YOUR CELL PHONE, most likely your phone will end up being in your hands even if your carrying a gigantic bag, how hideous a lady would be carrying a huge handbag to a party ? STYLE IS SACRIFICE Girls !!

Jun 14, 2009

Fabolous Find: PIXIE MARKET

i have been passing through this website lately, until i got attached to it, they have pieces that Ive never seen in anywhere else, its very trendy too.
This website gets its pieces from a bunch of new designers, here are some that i liked,

fabulous feathered scarf ---------------

fringe top
colorful tulip jacket --

bandage like silk leggings ----------------

over sized arms blouse

a shoe that will fit your blazer look

www.pixiemarket.com click here,

Jun 10, 2009

Anna Wintour

Anna Wintour
is one of the few people that never need to be introduced since every fashion freak knows her, i saw her recent interview on 60 minutes and i thought that you should do to. many would give up so many just to work for someone like her or Anna herself just like me, shes very powerful and she has the 'EYE' of fashion, shes a fashion school ! you cant miss this interview,

Anna Wintour 60minutes interview

Jun 3, 2009

Moza Must Have: Hermes Perfect Summer Sandals

Forget the Birkins this summer!.. these must have colorful sandals are ultra chic, they come in almost every color you can imagine, PLUS they'll will brighten your summer even more .. hmmm lizard or calf ? (not new BTW)