Jun 22, 2009

Shopping report: HUGE disappointment

F and I were invited to the opening of Galleries Lafayette Dubai, we were so excited to go, and thought that it might be better than the one in Pairs or the same, FORTUNATELY, we didn't go.

Yesterday I went shopping to Dubai mall, and I thought I should pass by Galleries Lafayette since I was dying to shop in it. It wasn't as expected! The brands were not arranged accordingly, ex. Balmain was next to Karen Mellin !!!! !! !! What a shock!! !! I couldn't believe my eyes. in Paris all the high end brands were in a floor, and other brands were in another floor or at least at another section of the floor !! and besides, why can’t people make their own department stores rather than getting every other department store here! There was a Givenchy section and a Givenchy boutique at the same mall! Why do we need two? Or are they so desperate to sell something? It was a pathetic experience.

personally, i wouldn't recommend it unless it has a brand that you cant find anywhere else in the country.

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- F said...

OMG! When I went by myself BTW I was VERY disappointed as well! Everyone was like "IT'S GREAT" I was like sorry it isn't!

I agree about the fact that they are brands in Galleries Lafayette, eventhough the REAL boutique of that brand is also in the same mall. Didn't make any sense :\