Jul 2, 2009

Fabolous Find: Louis Mariette

Can style, elegance, and glamour be met in one piece of accessory?

Well, YES, Louis Mariette is an extraordinary high end accessory designer; he designs headpieces, tiaras, bracelets and everything that makes ladies extra glamorous. The designs are timeless, they might be bit pricy for crystals but their totally worth the extra cash. It’s based in London, and one can only buy these pieces by appointment!

Thx for Delly they are now also available on NET-A-PORTER.COM

Check out what I’ve selected

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Cracker said...

OMG I LOVE THEM !! thanks for posting them, now their on my to-buy list !!!
cheers xx

Delly said...

WAW! amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing!!!

Delly said...

its in net a porter's new arrivals today! ;)

- F said...

OMG! Gorgeous! I love the 2nd one and the 7th is SO greek goddess!