Jul 21, 2009

Moza Must Have: Flutter NYC Earrings

Flutter NYC has an amazing collection called st.-germain, the collection is not yet released but the have released these wonderful earrings that are vintage but with an edgy modernized twist. as they said "These earrings are a SNEAK PREVIEW of the st. germain collection''. i think these earring spruce your look from day to night.

As seen here in Harper's Bazaar photo shoot by Alexi Lu
bomirski the earrings were styled with a pencil skirt and plain white shirt. Cant wait for the rest of the collection !!

for more information, click here


Style Porn said...

Oh my god, those earrings are fabulous. I certainly hope they're not real, so I have a chance in hell of being able to afford them!

M O Z A said...

Style Porn:well, the gold one is gold plated, and the price $185 so is it on budget or over?