Jul 23, 2009

Shop Smart

......Many people ignore outlets thinking that all they have is outdated, but only smart people who can shop smart and invest in classic timeless pieces that can be worn season after season, here are my top picks from our favorite online outlet....

By Moschino-You can never go wrong with a perfect LBD, it versatile, timeless, and ultra chic, wear tights and ballerinas for day, add a statement necklace and wear high heels for night.
By Notify- straight leg jeans, are always in, and right color jeans with a perfect fit can stay forever.
From Moschino- when buying pencil skirts from outlets, try to avoid skirts with prints, go for clean simple and a wearable color, such as black, white, grey, or you're favorite color.

By Milly- here is another example of an LBD, you can wear it to work, or add a colored cardigan for the day.
By Halston- cashmere tops, always an investment, they are cozy comfy and useful for people who travel a lot(long flights), try also to get neutral colors, or a favorite color of yours.
By Micheal Kors-belts, always go for ones like these, i recommend brown or black, they always keep your jeans in place!
By Celine- biker jacket, try to go for black, biker jackets are always in, warm, and comfy.
By Bottega Veneta- strappy sandals, are true investment, they go along with many outfits, try to go for a classic design. . A GIRL NEVER HAS TOO MANY SHOES !

Tip: when buying from outlets, try to go for neutrals, black, or white(never buy white shoes, they just don't look so good). these three are always in style and never outdated. since outlets stock is from two seasons ago or more, try not to go for trends that you LIKED, trends come and go, classic never .


Francheska said...

these are some really great smart pieces!

- F said...

As my friend says "Vintage is another word for outlet"

Outlet is for smart fashionistas I say! I mean outnet had a couple of classic louboutins for like only 100 pounds! And they were the simple black ones! So timeless and a smart buy.

It's true the secret to outlet is to buy things that look timeless and classic :)

Anonymous said...

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