Jun 30, 2010

MOZA Featured On ..

The magnificent online magazine Khaleejesque featured my article about Ombre hair, you know how i'm obsessed with this trend,

Jun 29, 2010

Collection I Like

By an italian brand MSGM, to be honest, never heard of it, but it seems that they don't have many pervious collections,

check it out,

Favorite look
Colored leopard prints I really like,

MSGM Website Click Here

Do you think this brand will have a successful future in fashion?

Jun 27, 2010

If I had wings the sky wont be my limit

Online shopping is not my favorite thing to do, but every now and then I do shop online, so why not why share my new obsession? The Wing Ring , ever since I received it I cant take it off my fingers, & Btw , it actually looks way better when i got it than the picture itself,


Jun 25, 2010

The Art of Sailing In the Blues

There is something about it, is it the single color its made of, or the uniqueness of the color itself? whatever it is, i'm drooling over that boat,

its the latest creation of the french artist Xavier Veilhan, 6.9 meters long with 8 person capacity, it has been moved to Saint Tropez for potential buyers,

Handsomeness i feel,

Jun 23, 2010

Ferragamo For iPad

Designers have been trying to design covers and cases for recent technologies from cell phones to iPods, but my favorite of all has been this Salvatore Ferragamo iPad case. It has an envelope like design with a leather strap on the side,



Jun 22, 2010

Guess What

Ever wondered why you have pimples for no reason? and when u ask your friends:"its all about what you put in your body that matters" well, its true, yet what you put over your skin might have even more effects. ITS YOUR MAKEUP BRUSHES !! never knew they were enemies? you know now, its extremely important to clean your makeup brushes once a week to avoid such skin problems,there are available makeup brush cleaners but I have an easy recipe of my own,

You'll Need:
1. A bowl
2. Shampoo of your choice
3. Essential oil (optional)
4. Warm water

The Magic:
1.Add to the warm water a small amount of shampoo, plus few drops of essential oil(Body shop has good ones),
2.Mix everything, place one brush at a time in the solution, and rinse GENTLY until there is no colored water coming out of the brush. Then rinse under warm water,
3. Reshape the brushes to their original shape and let them dry on a dry towel,


Jun 20, 2010

Trend: How to work your Leopards

Leopard prints have been on and off the runways for as long as i can remember, i've never wore a leopard prints yet, it just feel so much older than what i should wear, well next season i would be wearing them, & guess what i have amazing tips to work your leopards your age,

1. Wear black leopard (Zac Posen)
2. Add a leopard scarf to your plain outfit (YSL)
3. Wear colored leopard prints for the summer (Sonia Rykiel)
4. Wear little leopard accessories (Shopbop)

5. Show off your waist with a leopard belt (Shopbop)
6. Add a leopard ballerina for the day outfit (Lanvin)

7. Again wear colored leopard prints to the beach (DVF)

8. invest in a classic, it combines the sheer trend as well (Dolce & Gabanna)
9. wear colored leopard with blacks (Dolce& Gabanna)

10. avoid wearing leopard with red (so 1990)
11. only wear one leopard piece, eaither a top, shoes,or a belt. NEVER add two or more leopard prints


Jun 17, 2010

Back to the 50's

Although i'm a so now person, this photo shoot really had me staring at the pics for a while, it has innocence, happy family, lovely house and beautiful kids of the 1950's, well its the whole package i would say. The story behind the shoot is that life isn't always what it seems to be, the couple marriage didn't go well and Natalia ended up take her daughters and leaving. Isn't that what happens these days? I mean what goes right anyway..

Modeling:Natalia Vodianova & Ewan McGregor
Dresses: Oscar de la renta, Ralph Lauren and Dior
Photographer: peter lindbergh

Magazine: Vogue US July 2010

Total Randomness

Don't you think when shoes get very high with an enormous wedge or platfrom they lose their sexiness?..

such as this Prada pump, the shape and the leather is perfect yet the platform is totally out of proportion, rather than adding sexiness its lacking beauty,


Jun 14, 2010

Good Score Alba

while roaming through celebrity gossip websites, Jessica Alba's was spotted wearing Christopher Kane,it was more than immersive this time, as always i look for the shoes before the face, Louboutin shoes check! loved the embellished top but the bra lining not so sure,

What do you think?,

Jun 12, 2010

More Ombre Than Ever

Ombre hair, its one of those trends that your either fall in love with it or hate it. In my case I fell in love with it and still stuck in that love, I got many views on my pervious ombre post, so here some more fellow readers,

Olsen twins

The GaGa way

Follow Fashion Ecstasy

Jun 10, 2010

In Her Skulls

playing with skulls only look good on gothic styles. Well NO, they might be a little goth like, but such accessories to make a diffence in each look, imagine wearing skulls with a minimal dress? plain T and a jeans? with an unexpected skull ring LOVE.
Who knows skulls better than McQueen?

Gorgeous aceroies, loved the lack of shine and the worn effect,
if you dont want o splurge on Skulls, Asos and Topshop are always backing us up,

Unexpected touch,

Jun 5, 2010

The Carolina Stripes

Maybe the fashion world is all about stripes in black or navy and white, but Carolina Herrera in her pre-fall collection had genuisly played stripes in her own way,

Satin coat with different color shades <3,
Adorable gown, dark shades on the front and a surprising palette at the back, the blue belt is a finishing touch that balances the colors of the gown