Jun 20, 2010

Trend: How to work your Leopards

Leopard prints have been on and off the runways for as long as i can remember, i've never wore a leopard prints yet, it just feel so much older than what i should wear, well next season i would be wearing them, & guess what i have amazing tips to work your leopards your age,

1. Wear black leopard (Zac Posen)
2. Add a leopard scarf to your plain outfit (YSL)
3. Wear colored leopard prints for the summer (Sonia Rykiel)
4. Wear little leopard accessories (Shopbop)

5. Show off your waist with a leopard belt (Shopbop)
6. Add a leopard ballerina for the day outfit (Lanvin)

7. Again wear colored leopard prints to the beach (DVF)

8. invest in a classic, it combines the sheer trend as well (Dolce & Gabanna)
9. wear colored leopard with blacks (Dolce& Gabanna)

10. avoid wearing leopard with red (so 1990)
11. only wear one leopard piece, eaither a top, shoes,or a belt. NEVER add two or more leopard prints



Creme de la Femme said...

oh i love that leopard print belt! gorgeous.

M O Z A said...

Creme de la Femme: you'll find it at shobop, Asos has amazing ones as well

A said...

Out of all animal prints, Leopard is my favorite. & exactly, when wearing an animal print one piece is enough. It'll stand out on it's own. I usually don't like colored prints, like green blue and yellow. But this pink Sonia Rykiel top, I LOVE!!!

Love this post, A x

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I totally back u up on the tips. Especially the "don'ts" LOL xD.. Since A LOT of ppl do those silly mistakes & it ends up looking trashy! >.< - My fav is the Lanvin ballerina flats simply cuz it'll add a modish twist to any outfit *heart* ~xoHF