Jun 22, 2010

Guess What

Ever wondered why you have pimples for no reason? and when u ask your friends:"its all about what you put in your body that matters" well, its true, yet what you put over your skin might have even more effects. ITS YOUR MAKEUP BRUSHES !! never knew they were enemies? you know now, its extremely important to clean your makeup brushes once a week to avoid such skin problems,there are available makeup brush cleaners but I have an easy recipe of my own,

You'll Need:
1. A bowl
2. Shampoo of your choice
3. Essential oil (optional)
4. Warm water

The Magic:
1.Add to the warm water a small amount of shampoo, plus few drops of essential oil(Body shop has good ones),
2.Mix everything, place one brush at a time in the solution, and rinse GENTLY until there is no colored water coming out of the brush. Then rinse under warm water,
3. Reshape the brushes to their original shape and let them dry on a dry towel,



Creme de la Femme said...

ur totally right. im 27 yrs old & i still breakout at times! will definately do this, at least once a month. thanks for sharing x

Constant Catwalk said...

i do this but i never knew i had to do it once a week! loll! if i was good i would do it once a month otherwise i usually do it once in three months! :p

M O Z A said...

Creme de la Femme & Constant Catwalk:if you use makeup every day then once a week is good,if not then once every two weeks, remember that bacteria grows very fast,

Thnx ..