Jun 17, 2009

Fabulous Find: The BEST five you'll ever spend

well, although we adore heels, and the higher the better, they get painful and the pain comes with a package too blisters,dry feet and so and so, the bottom line is WE ALL SUFFER TO LOOK GOOD(its worth it thought).

there are new vending machines in the clubs of UK, called AFTER PARTY VENDING MACHINES, the idea is that instead of walking back home barefoot you buy flats from these vending machines (5 pounds each), PLUS they come with a little bag too so you can carry you're heels in them(how thoughtful!!). the ballet flats look good too, they come in black , silver and gold.


so what do you think? smart or not ?

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A said...


- F said...

haha OMG that is SOOOOOOO SMART!

Bliss said...

Brilliant!! how creative =D

Alya said...

very good idea! veeeeeery!