Dec 18, 2009

Fabulous Find: The Three Graces

"Experience a world of rare and exceptional fine antique jewelry where every jewel tells a story. Glimpse history in our Victorian jewelry, antique engagement rings, antique rings and in all our fine estate jewelry and diamond jewelry".

The Three Graces is all about fine antique jewelery, and Ive never seen better. every piece of jewelery is extremely artistic, the art deco pieces have magnificent details.

here are some of many irresistible jewels,
Pendant since 1860
Tiffany & Co. Emerald and Diamond ring 1965

Day to Night earrings, the lower part can be detached leaving the top part only for the day, 1830-1840
Diamond bracelet, 1895

Diamond and emerald ring with leaf detail, 19th century

Georgian bracelets 1810-1820
Silver Victorian collar necklace 1880
Georgian Gold Bracelet 1820

detachable gold earrings with floral details,
Diamond & Sapphire Edwardian Diamond Ring 1915
Art Deco Lapis Diamond Dinner Ring 1920
Antique French Day Night Gold Repoussé Earrings 1840

would you rather buy new jewels? or antique?

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Loose Princess Cut Diamonds said...

Every piece of jewelry are nicely designed by artisans. I hope to see more designs of your collection.