Sep 5, 2009

Trend: Digging in his tool box

Its wonderful how couple of years ago we only saw studs in rock outfits, now they are every where, in handbags , shoes, and night dresses, and not only in rock and roll style.

How would I wear it ?
I would pair studs it with floral, silk , to add a feminine touch to it.

I would STAY AWAY from the rock and roll look(black leather), we've seen it enough and A LOT, so try to soften the look a bit.


I'm so falling for this Oscar De La Renta silk skirt, the femininity of the silk and floras with the mix of studs its FABULOUS !!
By Manoush, the degrde studs look like little stars V.cuteBy philip Lim, the top is ultra gorgeous and unusual.

shoes:YSL: This shoes has always been my favorite from YSL, the detail at the bottom just completes the look.

By Givenchy, how can you go wrong with these shoes. yes they are too edgy, but its all about trying whats different. i would LOVE to see this shoes on a extremely feminine Marchesa dress !!

By Nancy Gonzalez, studs are not for every age, but this handbag proves the opposite, it has a little studdy detail that makes it look good on any woman no matter what her age is.
By Marc Jacob, the way studs are arranges just look amazing, i would pair this handbag with some florals or a flashy coat(in mind:Michael Kors fuchsia coat)By Lanvin, i like the blend of steel with old tiger print(retro& contemporary)

By Dents, these gloves immediately scream GOSSIP GIRL!!

How would you wear your studs?


- F said...

Ya true studs are everywhere! I'd like them with a rock'n'roll outfit but not a very outrageous one! I love the combination with floral, Oscar De La Renta WOW! Who would've ever thought that studs and floral would look great together? Philip Lim buttoned up shirt is love! I want it, I know it's for men but that has never stopped me before :P I mean who would ever know? It's unbelievably stylish! And the Givenchy shoes are so drool-worthy <3 And the gloves aaah so NEW YORK! I love them!!!!!!

Check out these louboutin studded shoes! They're soooooo HOT!

I love the heels! I want them!!!!!!!!!! hehe

nice post ;)

M O Z A said...

you can borrow some guyz wear ,no harm in it dear =p.
the Louboutin heels are gorgeous!! how did i miss that ?!