Sep 1, 2009

In my size and on sale !!

Speaking of savings, here is my new favorite website SHOPITTOME.COM. I got an invitation via email from one of my friends, made an account and truly loved it.

How does this "wallet friendly" website works?

...well, you start by making an account and choosing the brands you like(over 600 brands) from Loubs's to BCBG and many more, then you choose your sizes shoes and clothing. As soon as the brands you like have sale they website will instantly send you an email of whats available in your size!! so you can order them directly.

Even men and kids have a share in this website =p ..


- F said...

Send me an invitation ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!

A said...

That is so cool !

M O Z A said...

If anyone needs an invitation, i would be happy to, just send me an email ..

Anonymous said...

that's quite cool and amazing....
good job

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