Aug 30, 2009

Jimmy Boo !?

Hey all,

Haven't you realize these past two seasons that jimmy Choo's collection literately sucked, plus it looks extremely cheap.Two seasons ago i was obsessed with more than half the collection, and now id rather get cheaper shoes that have GOOD design. Even the handbags looked as if your buying from a Chinese fake store !! what happened to the days where jimmy's where the one of most luxurious shoes a lady can own?

Total ugliness

wasn't there a better print, or skin combination ? and the shape YUK

Yellow leopard print! *ew
yes 80's are so now, but designers modernized their designs,
Even H&M did a better job in making clutches

This handbag looks like the chinese have made the design !!

Are they still stuck in the 90's coz everyone moved on!!

I know that Jimmy Choo can do way better than this


A said...

OMG, tell me about it !!! I really hate the yellow leopard print, I saw it in pink too. Really disappointing !

- F said...

Me too! I guess no designer can be perfect every season. But up until now the only shoe designer that has not disappointed me is Christian Louboutin <3

M O Z A said...


-F: Louboutin did do well his season but Jimmy choo did worse ..

Cracker said...

economic crisis ? ;p haha

M O Z A said...

Cracker: I think that designers should do a better job in these times to urge people to buy their products (business wise)