Aug 18, 2009

Chic at the Peaks

To me, winter is the most exciting season of all, i get to go skiing on the highest and most adorable peaks on earth, a place where peace,speed, and ultimate quite meet.

Where: LAAX ( Swiss Alps)
Laax is a magnificent ski area, on the right side of Switzerland, the place is very modern while the slopes are extremely wide which makes it safe for beginner and more fun for advanced skiers. It takes about an hour to reach the top( four telefriques). i know, it looks scary, but once you're up there you simply forget about being scared and just enjoy the breathtaking views.

When: after Christmas

Gear: Indigo's collaboration with Bogner ski gear.
Im so falling for Indigos new skis, they are made of bamboo wood with some stainless steel detail(the snowboard has the same detail too), its extremely fashion forward, the blend between the steel and bamboo is utterly creative and modern.

Outfit: Moncler (with no doubt)
Moncler is the Rolce Royce of jackets !! They have well designed winter wear with brilliant details, but when skiing there are three layers to wear first comes the thermal wear then the fleece jacket and then comes the ski wear to make sure you are preserving as much heat as you can and at the same time these three layers block the wind from passing through .

The black outfit looks wonderful, but the blue one is a new color for ski wear, yet black and white is so classically chic, though the beige has a great tone (I AM SO CONFUSED!!)

any help?

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A said...

Blue is so hot, I also love the black&white.