Apr 21, 2010

When It Comes To White

White? why do people often ignore this color? isn't it beautiful & innocent?
I had more than one incident when there are multiple colors of one piece of clothing, and this color has been ignored just because its " white" and another color is chosen. well, there is beauty in white, and so what if u spilled something on it?By Stella McCartney- white lace top and blazer,i like how its sharp but light,
By Zara- a full white look, its daring but fresh
By Proenza Schouler- i know what your thinking its going to get dirty by tomorrow, but ever heard of taking good care of your leather?
By Roberto Cavalli- Lazer cut shirt, just needs some leather, sooo Texas
Kate Spade- Embellished top, the blue stones work wonderful with the white fabric,
By Camilla And Marc- This is my favorite jacket, military inspired but white <3,>
By Fendi- my ultimate crush, minimal with a exposed zip detail on the back,

Do you think that the beauty of white is underestimated?


Nino said...

Well I am hesitant to wear white because I think I always have to have perfect tan, white doesn't look that good on a pale skin. But white blazer, white classic shirt and white bag is a must have for every girl.

p.s I loved Camilla And Marc jacket as well.

Nia B said...

I love white clothes and think every looks good in it!

Tc, Nia B
Dubai's It Girl

Nia B said...


Nino said...

Oh I saw really cool military jacket in zara yesterday. Not camilla and marck jacket but still quite cool also. I will post it in my blog soon so check it out :)

M O Z A said...

Nino- so you know what works for u,

Nia B- =)

Nino- ill check it out then,

Constant Catwalk said...

LOCED every piece!!

Constant Catwalk said...


Creme de la Femme said...

never out of style. great post!

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