May 12, 2010


Yes Ive disappeared for a while, but here i am Back Again. For the last week or so Ive been in marvelous Tokyo, where nothing other than amusing exists, its perfect in every aspect, from its people to its roads. Maybe i didn't have enough time to mingle around every corner of its shops, yet i got the grasp of shopping in Tokyo, they have wonderful designers, plus u can find anything from classic clothing to colorful and Harajuku-ish. Walking through Ginza(the fifth avenue version of japan) i couldn't help but to be amazed on how brands buildings are done, the architecture behind it was genius. well, i can talk for a whole day about the beauty of Tokyo, but as i believe "a photo is worth a 1000 words'',
Harajuku street

A rehearsal wedding ceremony at the hotel, i almost shed tears but kept reminding myself that its only a rehearsal,

At the electronics street, they really do look like cartoon characters, cuteness

this is the last place you'll imagine id go but i did and surprisingly it was extremely interesting, the fish market

Bvlgari building at Ginza

Cartier building, Ginza

Not my favorite jeweler, but its sure my favorite shop front, classic door and modern full glass <3,

in one of the streets, i stood staring at this aged house, and it looks so beautiful(aged beauty) with all its almost wrecked wood,

Lady serving green tea at one of the markets, and btw, they have everything in green tea, Starbucks green tea frapuccino, green tea bagel, green tea cupcake EVERYTHING
This sneaker happened to grab my attention

i adore fierce wild animals, and guess who i ran into? handsome tiger =p

they have the cutest,adorable,pretty kids EVER, I almost took one with me,*Kawaii
a very pampered dog, it even has its own stroller, well its normal over there where dogs are utterly spoiled

Sushi Chef, delicious sushi from his aged wrinkled sweet hands,

A famous theater that now is getting demolished to build a tower instead, lucky me got the picture on its last day

Dior building, my ultimate favorite building of them all,

No its not the man, its about what hes carrying in his arms, a beautiful striped birkin, i thought it was his, but it turned out to be his wife's, *Unique


In Asakusa temple,

Pretty in her red kimono,
My old Tokyo tour guide,

I still cant figure out how people manage to wake up on their designated station in the underground, while they were in a deep sleep all the way. *Weird


Nino said...

there is nothing better than travelling and experiencing new places.
japan is one of the places i would love to visit one day.
Great pics and good to see u back :)

PrimaDonna said...

Certainly my number 1 on places I want to visit, I loved the Cosplayers in the pictures, soo cute!
I loved how you took pictures of the shopping destinations and the people. Very nice.
I know people are always telling me its so expensive and such, I mean naturally the brands would probably but I'm really interested in knowing how was the day to day life there, like restaurants and accommodations? I've been told its waay more expensive than those in Paris? Would love to hear your feedback.