Aug 10, 2010

The Gift

Yesterday my brother surprised me with a fantastic gift that brought me not only joy but ease as well, it eased up a lot of the weight i've always carried around every where. its an "atomizer" by sen7 which is an oval shaped bottle that can be filled with any perfume, the best thing is that its well designed,portable, and LIGHT !!


PrimaDonna said...

That would help so much to travel with! I carry big bottles of tom ford and serge lutens! this would help wonders!

Constant Catwalk said...

I cant live without one thing: perfume. I can live without water for one day only:P but perfume? No!

I like collecting these type of perfume accessories!But this one looks so funky and the best thing that its not bulky and they say its light! Amazing!

A said...

Amazing invention!

Public Liability said...

i will be more than happy to get a cute gift like this