Aug 7, 2010

A Place Worth a Visit

There is a place i always pass by without noticing its collection, guess what, now i regret every moment passed by and never went in TOP SHOP, they carry everything from trendy, to everyday easy looks, check out my picks

detailed shorts
playsuite with an exposed side zipper
Suede jacket,

Romantic blouse,

Cutout bootie,
Rose scarf,
waist belt,
Twisted rings,
Cherry colored lipstick,

Ballarena with a gold toe, comes in other colors too,
bi-colored tank top,
So in love with this tassel sandal,

"spend on classics,save on trends"


Constant Catwalk said...

Loved the:
& Tassel Flats!

Topshop is a place you should always stop by from time to time, they have gorgeous pieces

M O Z A said...

Constant Catwalk: lesson learned

Nino said...

how can u not love topshop...they do have really amazing stuff...and im so glad you posted the pic of cutout bootie...i saw them in nude color with a flower on one side in topshops online dying to get my hands on them...

Family Lawyers Melbourne said...

Love the top the ring and the heels. great collection

Ann Quinn said...

topshop is my favorite as well. love

mikapoka said...

You're absolutely right; Topshop has come a long way and they really have good stuff like the ones you selected.
Cutout booties rock! Have fun, ciao.

Sara and Alia said...

cant believe its topshop!! > talking abt the green flats

A said...

Love the sandal & the Ballerina, I love Topshop!!!

Family Lawyers Sydney said...

I got that pair of boots in nude color

Brisbane Dentist said...

Great pieces love all of them

lalu said...

My favorites are the rose scarf and the green flats. Gorgeous :)